Route 66 10K

I did it! 6.2 miles, 1:00:33...not quite the sub-1:00 I was hoping for, but OK I guess for the first time. I think I could have pushed myself a little harder, but I wasn't sure how I'd do. It was already 80 by 6 am, and by race time it was even warmer and thick with humidity. Just as the gun fired, though, cloud cover rolled in, and though it wasn't cool, it was much better.

The first half went pretty easy for me. My breathing wasn't as labored as it normally is from practically the start. I consciously tried to pace myself, and when I checked my time at the 5K mark, it was 28:27...which is good for me. The second half was tougher. I felt OK, just concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other. I passed the two people I knew and stayed ahead of them for the remainder of the race. That was a good feeling. I did walk for a few seconds at the 4 and 5 mile water stops. I can run with a cup of water, but I didn't care to spill gatorade all over my clothes.

Once we got to the half mile left sign, I started feeling excited: Hey, I can do this!! and picked it up a little. Should've done that earlier. It was weird. Legs felt pretty good, breathing was good, I was just hot. I know I had more in me than I gave...could've met that hour goal today, but oh well.

I had initially told my husband he'd be plenty safe if he and Jr. showed up 50 minutes into the race. After reading some running blogs last night and seeing the difference between 5K and 10K times, though, I told he he'd be OK as long as he was there in an hour. Well, technically that was true, but he ran a little late and was still parking when I crossed the finish line. Oh, many pictures do I need of my sweaty self gasping for breath as I stumble towards the finish? :)

Here's my post race shot with Jr.

Route 66 10k
When does that runner's body kick in?

Edit: I came in 191 out of 346. Not quite the top half. Oh well. I was 8th in my age group, though, out of 33.

The overall winner finished in 34:37...a 5'35" pace!!! I am amazed by other runners.

The winning woman finished in 38:41. Again, wow.


  1. Nice pic! Sounds like you had a great race, that is a very impressive time! I find the 10K distance to be very challenging.

    When does the runner's body kick in? Not sure on that one, it is different for everyone. But once it does, whooo baby, watch out, you will be unstoppable : o )

  2. Hey Congrats Kate! Good effort considering the early AM heat as well.

  3. Fantastic time! I would love to be that close to sub one hour for 10k! I love the pictures your hubby takes, seems your hubby and mine have a similar interest in photography, only you look a lot cuter running!

    Thanks for the thoughts and prayers! It means a lot to us.


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