Motivation, where art thou?

Prepare to be unimpressed. Here's my day, more or less.

10:00 Get up
10:30 Breakfast (peanut butter on English muffin and jello cake)
10:30-11:30 Check facebook, read blogs, put a few dishes in dishwasher
11:30 Take van for oil change
12:00 Take car for oil change
1:30 Lunch (leftover homemade beef stirfry)
2-3:30 Bag stuff for Goodwill and log it in for tax purposes (much easier and lucrative than holding a yard sale, no matter what my husband says)
3:30 Tell facebook world I'm going for bike ride/run
3:45 Walk dog
4:15 Actually go for bike ride/run (9 miles bike, 3.2 run)
6:00 Ride by my uncle's house and visit
7:15 Walk up to gas station to buy a fountain soda.
8:00 Supper (frozen pizza)
8:30-10:30 Soak in tub
10:30-11 Shower (yeah, I know I just had a bath, but I can't wash my hair in the bath)
11-11:30 Bake chocolate chip cookies for fundraiser, blog

Why did I subject you to that boring list? Just to illustrate that, without a family to give me some structure/force me to get up off my rear, I'm close to worthless. As much as I am enjoying this time without much responsibility, it's clearly not good for me. I may be part slug. Or sloth. I have too much hair to be a slug.

And, goodness, my time running wasn't at all impressive. 3.2 miles, 30:48, pace of 9'39/mile. It was actually worse than my first 5K. Possible reasons? A) my general suckiness this week; B) Hot, humid weather; C) Terrain--half paved trail, half wood chip/grass; D) Run after bike? I wouldn't think was only 4 easy miles there.

It was a pretty spot to run. I went to the same nature area where we took the kids last week. Here's a view from the shaded half of the loop (ahhh):


A view of me (clearly I have no pride, or I'd never allow this picture on the internet) after running:

I tried to get a picture of me smiling, but it was even more hideous. America's Next Top Model, here I come.

And while yours truly is melting here in the Illinois humidity, here's what most of my family is up to:


Yeah. They suck. But really...who wouldn't pass on a trip to California so that they could spend a week riding and camping across Missouri in 95 degree heat and ugly humidity? :)


  1. I hear you on missing your family! Try to enjoy your quiet time and don't feel guilty about slacking off (although it doesn't sound like you are slacking to me!). Sounds like an awesome bike/run, great distances. Especially in the heat! Have a great weekend and take care!


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