Technical difficulties

I have some wrap-up stuff to post from the Katy ride, but that'll come later when I have a chance to sit down and compose rather than jot. :)

I ran last night for the first time in a week and a half. 95 degree temperature on the way there...nice. I headed to Grant's Trail after dropping Nathan at his practice. My plan was to run 3 1-mile runs. I've been working on getting my mile faster than 8:50. Slow going, let me tell you.

So, I warmed up, turned on the Nike+, and took off. I had gone .64 miles (I think, as it turns out) when I had to pause it at the bathroom. Yes, I know it's cheating to stop, take a break, finish the run, and pretend that you didn't have a breather...but I'm only competing against myself, I'd have been glad to put an asterisk by that time, and I'm just not committed enough to pee my pants to finish out the mile first.

Started the Nike+ back up after my bathroom break and took off again. After awhile, I checked it to see how much longer I had to suffer...and it still registered .64. WTF? Tried pausing and restarting it, to no avail. Tried backing out of the program and starting again. Still nothing. The sensor must be dead. That didn't last long.

OK, no big deal. I decided I'd just run for the rest of my time and not focus on speed. Started a gps-based app on my phone, and I was off again. I checked it at one point and had gone 1.3 miles. At some point my husband called, so I walked while I talked to him. I ran the rest of the time, really pushing it towards the end. I get to the end and go to stop the app--only it's already stopped. I don't know if it stopped when I checked my distance or when my husband called, but either way it did. Grr.

The trail did at least have mile and half-mile markers, so taking out my warm-up, I think I probably ran about 4 miles, but I have no idea how fast. Soooo annoying. I really don't enjoy running at all. What I do enjoy is what it does for my body and when I can see progress. No time=no visible progress. My technology has failed me. Twice. Guess it's time for me to get a watch and pay a little more attention to the distance markers.


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