Officially "healthy"

Yea! I'm celebrating today. Well, in my head anyway. In reality, I'm cleaning.

Why, you ask? Well, once upon a time during my first marriage, I went to the doctor for something, and when I took my file up to the front desk, I noticed he'd marked "obese". Really? I mean, I was heavy, for sure. But seeing obese. Wow. I think at the time I was either 229 or 239. I've blocked it out.

Through a combination of the "divorce diet" and some additional unhappy (though appetite-suppressing) events, by the time I married my current husband I was 157. After Jr. was born, though, while I never got up to my previous high, my weight went up quite a bit.

And today...I stepped on the scale, logged my weight as always, and lo and behold...a BMI of 24.8. Two full tenths below "overweight". I am officially "healthy"...and now hopefully Wii Fit will stop calling me fat! :)


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