Running on the sun

I committed (aka "paid for") yesterday to my first 10K. June 11. Or 12th. Either way, ugh. I don't even like to run. Why am I doing this? Because I can. Maybe. The only thing I like about running is doing what I set out to do. Well, that, and the way my butt and legs are starting to look.

I've had the Bridge to 10K app ever since I completed the Couch to 5K program back in April. And by "completed", I mean ran a 5K. Only ever got to about week 6 of 9, but towards the end there I was run/walking until my 3.1 miles was over even if my scheduled intervals were long past over. Unfortunately, "had" and "used" are not synonyms here, and I'm on about week 2, day 2 (except that I keep skipping ahead). Now that the 10K is less than two weeks away, I'm feeling a little pressure to get more serious about training.

So...yesterday during Jocko's volleyball practice, I made my second acquaintance with Grant's Trail. I ran there last week during his 7:00 practice. Warm, but bearable. Tuesday's practice was a 5:30-7 practice, and the temperature was 92. Brutal. Lots of cyclists and several rollerbladers, but I only saw one other person stupid enough to be out running.

The scheduled intervals were 17 min run, 1 min walk x 3.It was slow going, for sure, but I did my first +5 mile run. 5.12 miles, to be exact. Accomplishment! 10'40" mile average speed, which is almost a minute slower than my normal pace, but with the heat I was just proud to still be on my feet. Only one extra walk break other than a stoplight or two. Hopefully tomorrow night is a bit cooler and I can get in another 5+ miles and maybe improve my time...or at least not feel like death the whole time I run.

May stats: 32.47 miles, 9'52/mile avg. running
34 miles cycling, no clue avg pace.

In other news, I took my bike to the bike shop today to have its broken spokes replaced and the rear wheel trued. Estimated $25 in repairs, which is far better than the ~$1,000 (after insurance) that my surgery is costing us. No more hybrid on the singletrack.

They guessed 5 days turnaround, which will get my bike back to me 12 days before the Katy Trail ride. Yeah, 12 days to get my butt ready to ride 50+ miles a day for 5 straight days. I'm not too worried about my legs after all the running, but I'm going to be sitting on ice all week long!


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