In the zone

Despite the fact that I can take TV or leave it, I've married two men who adore it. I have nothing against TV. It's fine if I don't have a good book or magazine or the internet is down or I've already run/ridden. I can get sucked into just about any trash that's on, but I've never mastered the art of keeping with a show. I forget it's on or forget to set the VCR (once upon a time when I was single I did know how to do this...and yes, I mean VCR because we have the most basic cable and we alone in the US don't have DVR) and oh, well...maybe I'll catch it on rerun.

My children love television. Love it. When my oldest was 3ish, he was obsessed. HAD to watch this. HAD to watch that. When his dad left me, the first thing to go was cable, and then he couldn't watch much of anything. My youngest isn't quite that bad, but he loves his DVDs and Wii, and last year they served a little too much as babysitters.

This year is going to be different. I realized on Wednesday that he hadn't watched any television or played any video games yet and decided we're going to see how long we can keep that up. He asked today about playing the Wii and I told him that our house was going to be TV-free during the day. Surprisingly, he didn't have much to say about that. (Being my child, he always has something to say about most anything)

Today at the pool, we ran into one of his school friends. AJ was lobbying for a playdate, and Junior told him, "Well, if you come to my house, no TV for you. It's a TV-free zone, right Mommy?" =)

On that note, I'll add to our summer stats:

Trips to the pool: 3
Trips to the park: 1
Museum trips: 1
Hours of television: 0


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