What a nice Memorial Day weekend! Beautiful, if HOT, weather. No rain for once. We spent much of the weekend outside at my FIL's house. He has a sand volleyball court in his yard, and it gets a lot of our time on these long holiday weekends. Yesterday we just had family games, and it wasn't pretty, but today some of our volleyball friends came over, and we had several really fun games. Boy, will I be sore tomorrow!!

Jacob entertained himself much of the day or played with his cousins. My FIL has a huge sandbox next to the court for the kids, and Jacob had a ball there. Last year, we had to have someone watch him whenever we both played, but this year he was pretty self-sufficient. Of course, we and all of the rest of the family were right there, but he was happy as a clam playing by himself or with the other kids.

Back to school tomorrow for 1 1/2 more hours! My classroom is approaching ready for the summer...have some cabinets and my desk to clear off, but I'm far ahead of where I was last year at this time. Well, last year at this time we were already OUT of school, but I wasn't finished with my room until after the last day. Of course, for our poor custodians, the work is just beginning. Until I began teaching, I never realized how much work takes place over the summer at a school! I spend quite a few days at school over the summer preparing for the next year, and they are always there. Things to fix/build, walls to paint, floors to strip, etc. It's quite a process!


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