April 14, 2006...Getting ready for Easter

***From my old blog

We managed to color eggs yesterday...it was looking like it wouldn't get done before the boys left for their dad's house for the weekend. It took some persuading to get Daniel to participate (getting too old at 13 to color eggs, I guess!), but eventually everybody was there. Nathan, Kelsea, and Jeff took their time (I guess 11, 12, and 40 are just the right ages to color eggs!), and Jacob...well, he liked dropping the egg into the dye and watching it splash all over the table. That's not all! He liked eating the eggs, too. If they dried before he was cracking them, we counted ourselves lucky.

I bought up Target yesterday, too, getting stuff for Easter baskets. I was pretty horrified at the cash register when I saw what I'd spent. I bought quite a few things for my brother in Iraq and a candle each for my mom and my mother-in-law, but still...part of the problem (with the excessive spending) is wanting it to be special for Kelsea with her dad gone and then needing it to be "even" among all of the older kids.

We're having a small Easter egg hunt tomorrow with our kids and the older boys' half brother and half-sister. They have THE BEST stepmother ever! She is reason enough to have married my ex-husband originally. Who would have thought that I'd meet one of my closest friends when she married my ex-husband? Anyway, her daughter from her first marriage and then my boys' half-sibs will come join us. It works out pretty well, because her older daughter is around the same age as the older kids and the little ones are within a year of Jacob.

It's nice for the boys to be able to have their whole family around them during holidays...and something I never imagined would happen when we divorced. His wife really is a gift; she is very upfront and a good communicator, so she has really eased things between the two of us. Of course, now it's us against him!


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