Bike log 6/28/09

Rode around 10 miles just around town. 8 on the bike path with Jeff. I was towing Jacob. Another 2 riding back from dropping off a truck at my mom's house.


  1. Hey, I've been checking your journal daily! Wow, you made it, and even got on your bike today for an easy 10! Good for you!

    I started riding my bike this summer. I absolutely love it! I'm riding about 15 miles a day. I would love to do some bike trails! We had an article in our paper about 2 weeks ago about the Caty Trail. I had told my husband then that I would love to do that! Maybe next summer!!!

    I'm a school counselor so I have more time in the summer to bike, I hope I can work it in when I go back to work! This summer is going by way toooo fast!

    Well, I just wanted to let you know I prayed for you as you were on the trail!

    God Bless,


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