Katy Trail bike ride

As anyone who's been within conversational (or blog) range of me in the past several months knows, my aunt Nancy and I are riding the Katy Trail on an organized group ride from June 22-26. 240 miles in 5 days...yikes. We ride all day and tent camp at night...which should be quite a change from our camper.

Jeff is taking me to Clinton, MO, tomorrow (almost today) afternoon. I'll camp there and then depart the following morning. If the forecast holds true, Monday's high should be near 100 degrees. I will be drinking A LOT of water and Gatorade!!

I am very excited and a little intimidated by this undertaking. It will definitely be a challenge. I've done a lot of riding in preparation but have never ridden as far as I'll ride any of the first 4 days. I'm also excited because I realized last night (during insomnia-induced web-surfing) that I am actually going to have "free time" after the riding portion is finished each day. I'm not entirely sure I'll know what to do with it, but hopefully it'll all come back to me!

If you're interested in seeing how it's going or what I'm up to, you can go to this link during the ride. Each night they'll post pictures and info from the day. Wish me luck...and pray for good weather!!



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