April 27, 2006

Not too much to report...I've been really worn out what with getting up early to walk the dog and then working overtime to keep the house SMELLING like dog. (Ugh!). On the plus side, the house is probably cleaner than it's been in awhile...the first floor, anyway!! Dingo, our cat, has taken up residence upstairs, where Berkeley isn't allowed.

Jacob is still loving the dog. He particularly loves to throw the ball to the dog, but he can't throw too far, so it probably isn't that exciting for Berkeley. The dog also loves to pop bubbles, and Jacob gets a kick out of that. The older kids (you know, the ones who HAD to have a dog, would do ANYTHING to help out, would take care of it, etc, etc) have too busy with schoolwork and after school activities to really help out much. Lucky that we weren't counting on them to help!! (Though we were HOPING)


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