April 3, 2006

****Moving over an old blog*****

The boys have only been back from their dad's for a day, and already I have a huge pain in my butt! ...and it's not them...I'm sure it's some nerve or something, but boy does my left hip hurt. You'd think that my job was physically demanding (rather than mentally!). I'm only 32 (til tomorrow!)...hopefully I'm not developing arthritis or something. Probably just a fullblown case of hypochondria!

School started out nice and easy today as two of my students weren't there all morning. Somehow the others manage to fill the void, though. After next week's spring break, we only have about 6 weeks of school left. Both thrilling and terrifying...I feel like I have WAY more to teach my kids before they move up. At least it looks like I'll hang onto my kindergarteners next year as firsties.

Been testing in preparation for annual reviews. Very encouraging in some ways. Like K.D., who couldn't recognize her own name in print at the beginning of the year, who is now at the 50th percentile of K. students for letter sound knowledge. :) And then you look at all of the areas where she's still so behind. Good though to be accumulating some more concrete data for planning, though. Seems like each year I do a little better with that.

Hopefully!! My goal was to feel like I really knew what I was doing by the time that I'd been teaching for 5 years. This is #4. Hopefully, I'll manage to get started taking some classes this summer. Of course, I say hopefully when it's up to me. Just need to take some action, but I'll probably just keep talking about it for awhile.

Eventually I'll make my move though. Like with money...we've been talking about needing to invest some of our savings for ages, but we don't really know anything and it's easier to do nothing than to possibly make a big mistake. Even if you know that doing nothing IS a big mistake!! Anyway, when we got the money from the sale of our old camper, we at least rolled that over into a CD and are making a little more interest than the rest of our savings. And I've been doing a little more research, too, so we'll keep taking those baby steps.

Enough here...going to get to bed before I turn 33 on the computer instead of with my loving husband!


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