Bike log 6/6/09

Another day with absolutely no motivation. I don't know where it went. Of course, I rode my bike anyway, knowing that I need to be ready for my ride in just a couple of weeks. So I guess I am motivated; I just don't feel it.

Anyway, today's details...

Distance: 34.448 miles
Max speed: 23.4 mph (downhill, but I managed around 18 mph on my own steam later on)
Avg. speed: 11.4 mph (lame, but I spent a lot of the ride talking with a friend via text message, so I couldn't ride as fast and still be safe. P.S. I was riding on a bike trail, not a road.)
Time: 3:02:04 (again, blaming it on my friend)
Temp: low 80's
Calories burned: 1,212.6

I am also sporting a nice little sunburn. I wore bug repellant, but I skipped the sunscreen in the hopes that the trail would be shady enough to prevent a burn. It wasn't. I'm fairly pink right now. Plus, I have a nice white stripe on my left arm from my iPod armband. I won't be skipping the sunscreen again.

I felt really good once I got going. Another gorgeous day, and the breeze wasn't too bad most of the time. The couple weeks off definitely hurt me in one way, though. I'm going to need a butt-sized ice pack. I had pretty well toughened up with all the riding since the spring; I would hurt during the ride but not after. Now I'm back to during AND after. Oh, well. I'll get there again. Hopefully before the two back-to-back 60-mile days!

Incidentally, and nothing to do with my bike ride, today is the 11th anniversary of my first date with Jeff. My older boys, who were 5 and 3 at the time, have basically grown up with him in their lives...and are blessed by that. :)


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