May 6, 2006...Beautiful day for a wedding!

Jeff's cousin Kyle was married today. Now, I think that anyone who plans an outdoor wedding should automatically receive a medal for uncommon bravery, but today was just perfect! It was beautiful and sunny, warm but not too hot. As you can see, it was just lovely.
Jeff videotaped the wedding for Kyle, so I had to be the picture taker. Usually I like to just be there, rather than worry about taking pictures, but I got into it today. I took tons of pictures...those digital cameras are dangerous like that--we have thousands of pictures that we've taken since getting the camera before Jacob was born. And where are they?? All stored on the computer! At least the DSL connection has enabled me to upload many of them to internet storage so that it's easy to share them with others.

Kyle and Sha Sha (his new wife) had originally planned a very small destination wedding. She's originally from China, and her family was unable to attend the wedding due to visas, etc. She seemed OK with it, but I'm sure that it was sad for her to take such a big step without her family around her. Barb, Kyle's mom, seems to have taken her under her wing, though, and Sha Sha had a lot of friends there around her.

Of course, it made me think back to my own wedding, as all weddings do. What a wonderful time that was! We have our 4th anniversary coming up in less than 2 weeks, and it seems both amazing that we've already been married 4 years and as if we've always been married. Our wedding day was also beautiful (after a depressingly rainy, ugly day before the wedding), but it was chilly. The men in their tuxes were delighted. The girls in their sleeveless dresses were less happy about the temperature. Me? I was just happy the sun was shining on my wedding day. I'll have to post those pictures one of these days...I truly felt beautiful that day!


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