Bike log 6/17/09

First hot day in a while. And little rain in the forecast, for once! I'd planned to ride an hour and a half or so but got sucked into facebook, so I ended up riding 40 minutes. Not sure if it's not riding for a week and a half or the heat or the fact that we played 3 hours of nonstop sand volleyball last night, but I was feeling slow. Of course, on the way back I started really feeling it...just in time to stop. :(

I had a couple of stretches on the way back where I worked to keep my speed over 15 mph and did well with that. I even (triumph!!) managed 15 mph going up the killer hill at the end of the trail. Yea!

Distance: 8.229 mi
Max speed: 21.7 mph (downhill)
Avg. speed: 12.3 (which tells you how pokey I was the rest of the time. This actually surprised me a little. I thought I'd have had a higher avg.
Time: 40.09 min
Temp: ~85
Calories: 301.4

I'm hoping I can manage one big ride tomorrow, and then I'll be packing for my Katy Trail ride. Very exciting! =)


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