April 4, 2006

What a nice birthday! 33 today.

So, my day started with a note on the floor outside my room:

"Dear Aunt Kate,
There are eggs and toast in the microwave. I hope you like it cuz I got up at 5:45 to make it. If you wake me up, I'll get Jacob dressed so you have time to eat. Happy Birthday!
Love, Kelsea"

Is she not the sweetest niece ever? And my sons? I think they did mention my birthday in passing this evening! I guess that's the difference between boys and girls. I may be in trouble with 3 sons. I guess I just have to hope they marry nice girls.

At school, Deb gave me the beautiful flowers above since I was sitting in her IEP meetings all day on my birthday. It definitely made for a more relaxing day!! And, when Jordan got to school, he said, "Mrs. G, I know what today is! It's your birthday!" Heather had forgotten, so while I was gone at meetings, they had the kids make me cards and got an ice cream cake from DQ (I LOVE ice cream cake!!) and we had a little party when I got back.

All in all, quite the nice birthday. It was fun to have people make a big deal of my birthday.
At home, we had a big rush (failed) to get the house picked up before Robin, Tom, and their kids got here. Ended up on the back deck anyway since Tom's allergic to cats. We had a nice time with them at Alfonzo's. The kids all got time to warm up to each other over video games. Bought a fortune in pizza...definitely worth it. Like the Mastercard ad..."Time with your family...priceless."


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