May 3, 2006...Organization is not my strong suit!

****Moving over from my old blog...the funny thing is that just today I was telling someone I have to get more organized. Some things never change!***

I am currently cursing my lack of organization. (Not an infrequent problem around here!) I have finally decided that I HAVE to get to the dentist. I am the biggest chicken, because you know my kids go regularly but I hate going! Plus, for a long time they had dental insurance through their dad but I didn't have it through my job, and God forbid I pay for work that needs to be done! I mean, it's not like we can't pay our bills, but it's just another excuse to put off something I don't enjoy (and no, haven't had my yearly exam from my GYN since Jacob was born, either!). So now, we have dental insurance from Jeff's job that he started last Sept. and I've finally sucked it up that I'm going to go...can I find any of the provider info???

ARGH! On the other hand, though, I did find the property information that Jeff needed to get the fence permit, so all isn't lost! At least, not lost permanently...I should just start looking for something else I desperately need, and the insurance info will probably pop right up!

I did find some information online, but not everything I wanted. And I know that it was me who put away the insurance stuff...if only I knew where... I'm still dreading's like Confession..."Bless me, doctor, for I have's been 7 years since my last dental appointment..." How is that possible? I know better! I guess there are just so many other things to take care of that preventative things take the backseat. Not smart. I should get better about that.


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