May 3, 2006...Read a great book!

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Ooh, I forgot to mention earlier...I read the best book yesterday! It was called Blue Diary, by Alice Hoffman. Highly recommended! It's the story of Jorie, who has been blissfully married to the man of her dreams for 13 years before learning--along with her entire town--of a terrible crime in his past. The story explores how Jorie and, indeed, the entire town deal with the discovery that this wonderful man wasn't always, the way that people and their perceptions change, the varied and difficult relationships among families, the ways that people deal with grief. There was a lot there!

The book really spoke to just seemed like almost every other line was A Truth, IYKWIM. I have 4 kids, work full time teaching, administer a website...and I read that book in one day! Couldn't tell you the last time I did something like that--but I'm sure it was during summer vacation before Jacob was born!! I read on the ride to school (carpooling due to the price of gas!...and that carpool is definitely the subject for another blog!), during my lunch period, home in the carpool, in the bathroom while Jacob was drawing all over my face with his bath crayons (luckily Jeff noticed my blue mustache before I left the house!!), and in bed until midnight, never mind that I'd sworn to myself that I was going to sleep by 11 so I wouldn't be falling asleep as my students read to me today! It was that good!

Speaking of my students reading to me...what a day! It was a much better day than the last few (whew!), and during Reading class, I was working with a group of two 1st graders, and you should have heard them read!! Jordan, who has given me fits for 2 years (lots of emotional issues with him), was so involved in reading, and as he got to words he didn't know, he was sounding them out like a trooper! Usually, if he needs help with something, he gets really upset, but when I'd point out things he was missing (like the silent "e" at the end of a word to make the vowel long), he'd say, "Oh, OK, let me see, what will the i say?..." and figure it out!! Two years of WORK are paying off...for both of us!! While I am ready for most of those guys to move up to a new teacher, I am really proud of all we've accomplished together, and I know they've got a good foundation.


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