We took Jacob fishing last night. We'd tried fishing with him a month or so ago on a camping trip, but they weren't really biting then. This time, we took him to the same lake we took Daniel and Nathan to when they were small (about 5 and 4). There are just bluegill and catfish, but they almost jump onto your hook.

Jacob and Jeff caught one fish together, then Jacob pretty much lost interest. It was pretty hot out there, so we weren't upset to pack up and head back home (to the air conditioning!).
We just got home from a trivia night. It was the first time these people had run one, and it went REALLY late. Plus, we were sitting in the middle of a bunch of kids who were treating the evening as a fun night out at a bar...made it really difficult to hear the questions, and they were cheating (!), texting their friends for answers. (And yes, I'm sadly aware of how old and crabby I sound here!). When one of the guys at are table said something to them about toning it down, one of them told him to "F*** off!", which didn't sit well and touched off a heated moment. I wanted to head to the other side of the room...I'm not at all comfortable with conflict. And who goes to a trivia night and gets into a fight?

But, on a good note, we placed 4th out of 40 teams...not too shabby!


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