May 12, 2006...Keeping the dog

He drove us crazy when we first got him. Boy, that first week was a rough one! But somehow, along the line I fell in love with him, and now he's not going anywhere!

Not that he doesn't need to improve his manners...but I'm reading a great book (at least, it sounds great, we'll see if I put any of the good advice into practice LOL) called Good Owner, Great Dog by Brian Kilcannon. That's always my solution to a a book about it! Then I'm not so good about implementing advice, so we'll see.

Now that we've made the decision to keep Berkeley, we're on to the expenses...neutering him, building a fence around our 1/2 acre lot, etc...I'm sure he'll be worth it. Of course, I imagined that with all the extra exercise I was getting walking him at least twice a day I was going to lose weight...HA! I think I've gained...all the stress of the first week, and I'm a real stress eater. I'm going to hate the pictures we take on vacation in Florida next month!


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