April 18, 2006...Whew, it's over!

Had my first sales party tonight. It was for Stampin' Up, a rubber stamp company, and boy, do they have neat things! AND...I get to keep all of the cards the demonstrator made tonight!! Yea, I don't have to buy my mom a mother's day card because this one is WAY prettier!

The first party I went to I spent WAY more than I expected to, and--my party or not--I think that tonight will be pretty much the same. I always do this...get into some new hobby and buy out the store! If only all these cute things MADE themselves, too. I'm trying to be better about this. I've actually made cards for every family birthday that's happened since I received my stuff. I'm usually terminally bad about getting around to sending cards, so that's a big improvement for me.

This party stuff is exhausting!! With all the cleaning we did (OK, I admit, my wonderful husband did nearly all of the cleaning AND went to the grocery store to get snacks...don't know what I've done to deserve him!), buying groceries, and stressing out about having people over, I'd probably have done better to just go to somebody else's party and buy like crazy! With the list I have, it would probably equal what was spent tonight by my guests. But it was probably good for me to do something social. We get so wrapped up in work, kids, and caring for the house that we rarely do much with other people except for family birthday parties.

On another note, I was dreading getting back to school, but it hasn't been too bad. My first graders (normally a handful) were WONDERFUL yesterday! It was a really good way to start back. This will be a busy 2 weeks with going to meetings on the kiddos who are coming my way from Early Childhood next year as well as reviewing the progress of the kids in my class now. Thank goodness I have an amazing pair of aides who work with me.


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