April 6, 2006...What to give the girl who has everything...but still wants something

Had the family birthday party tonight. It was nice. All of my brothers who aren't overseas were here (2/3!) as were most of my in-laws and mom. Poor Jeff--he asked earlier in the week what I wanted for my birthday, and I didn't have anything to tell him. Ooh, not true--I did want an Everclear CD I hadn't been aware existed until this week (thank you Yahoo music!). But that was pretty much my only idea.

I still wanted plenty, though...just couldn't figure out WHAT, exactly. The thing is, what I want most aren't things someone can give me. I want more time. I want to be thin. Hmm...well, those are the biggies. I'd love to have all the lesson planning and prep (not to mention room organization!!) done for me at school so that I could just walk in and teach...and then leave when the kids do. I want my house to stay clean. My fantasy world is a nice place!

I got some nice things. Body wash, lots of plants, some stamps since I'm big into the stamping/card-making thing now. Trying to make plenty of cards to get use out of my "investment". Got money...always nice. That'll probably go for clothes. Matt gave me a book, so I'm looking forward to reading that (during my blessed, blessed week of Easter break!!) and reviewing it for the family website and maybe here. I guess the best thing would have to be the fact that all of my family came to celebrate with me in the middle of the week (on Survivor night, no less!), and it was a really nice time. I'm loved, for sure, and you can't beat that!


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