May 14, 2006...L

Okay I saw this on Blum's page and asked to play along. Wouldn't you know my letter would be L.

If you want to play too, here are the rules; leave me a comment here & I'll give you a letter. Then you post the results & these instructions in your blog. You use the letter you are given and make 10 things from it.

1. Liars- Can't stand them! My pet peeve is being lied to...of course, being a parent, teacher, and ex-wife, I've heard my share LOL! Luckily, my kids have never been able to continue a lie to me for long...a mean look and growl of "Don't you lie to me!!" makes them fess up quickly.

2. Labradoodle- Breed of my dog...and make no mistake, he's MINE! I loved dogs when I was a kid, of course, that was when my parents did all of the work. Now I'm the parent doing all the work--at least my husband splits the work with me! More than the work part though, I've really gotten attached to him.

3. La Fonda- My favorite local Mexican restaurant. Reasonable prices and within walking distance. Going there, or to any Mexican restaurant, reminds me of our honeymoon in Playa del Carmen...almost 4 years ago now!

4. Love- Amazing how many different kinds there are, and how loving a new person doesn't diminish the amount you have for the others in your life. Love is the only thing I can think of that, when used, grows rather than diminishes.

5. Library- One of my favorite places. Our town library is beautiful, an old Carnegie-funded building which was renovated 10 or so years ago. I probably provide half of the library's funding through my late fines!

6. Lent- My least favorite Church season. I don't enjoy sacrifice (which is the point, I suppose, or it wouldn't be sacrifice!) and hate fish. Those meatless Fridays were the bane of my existence as I grew up because my parents insisted that we clean our plates at dinner and fish
was frequently on our Lenten menu. Now that I'm the mom and I choose what's for dinner, it's not so bad, but BOY do I miss being able to have meet for those Fridays!!

7. Leisure- Something I desperately miss! Before Jacob was born, we were childless every other weekend. Now, we always have someone on the weekend (yes, I was spoiled)...and with 4 kids in 4 different sets of activities, seems like our "free time" is filled with taxi service!

8. Lonely- Yes, in some ways I am. It's a lot harder to make friends once you're out of school, and it seems like the people with whom we spend the most time are family, but it's mostly in "family" events rather than just doing things together as friends. Part of me wishes for those close friendships that some women seem to have...the other part of me can't imagine what time I could spend on them! I have so little time to myself that I have a hard time spending any of my alone time on someone else.

9. Let-down- My Mother's Day was kind of disappointing. I was really hoping to get to sleep in today but didn't get to...and then, everyone but Jacob slept in until 10:30, leaving me to take care of Jacob, the dog, and clean the whole house for our Mother's Day brunch by myself! Yes, I could have woken them up, but instead I chose to just keep going, get more annoyed with them, and stew until someone came down to help. Not very appealing, nor was it the right way to handle the situation. And, I should say, Kelsea and Nathan did most of the cooking last night...and Jeff is normally the one who's really on top of getting things together, so this was an isolated incident...but it still upset me.

10. Lunch/Left-overs- (a two-fer!) I usually take left-overs from the previous evening's meal for lunch at school. Since I only make meals that I enjoy, anticipating lunch always makes me really happy (probably the sign of a sad life or misplaced priorities LOL). When we're home during the summers, I have a really difficult time coming up with varied lunches, and I don't really care for cold meat sandwiches or much of the "easy" stuff. I have a friend who, any time she has me over for lunch, always has something relatively quick and easy but good and DIFFERENT. I guess I should consult with her!


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