Bike log 6/18/09

Rode with Daniel today. Once again, got a later start that I should have. We planned to ride abou 15 miles. Since he's going to ride with me in the Tour de Donut in July, I've been on him to get riding. He's been assuring me that he'll be just fine. I think maybe today was an indication that he has a ways to go.

We really needed to ride at about a 15 mph pace to get back in plenty of time to pick up Jacob from VBS. The pace would be a stretch for me, and I ride regularly. In addition, Daniel hadn't, it turned out, eaten much. A good reminder for me that, despite the fact that he's 16, he still needs his mom. lol. It was also the hottest day I've ridden this year so far (my bike computer said 105, but I think that was pretty high. That's the heat index I heard, but we only had a forecast of 95. Anyway, it was hot. Having learned my lesson in the past, I made sure to drink lots and lots of water.

Daniel ended up needing to slow down, and finally I had to leave him behind in order to get home in time to pick up Jacob. Not long after I left him, Daniel had a flat tire. Since our van is currently awaiting a new engine, I had to get his bike home using my little car. Thankfully, my brother lent me his bike rack before he left for Iraq...I just had to figure it out on the fly. My positive take on the afternoon is that this flat tire is God's way of giving me some tire-changing and repair experience. Hopefully I don't need it next week!

Distance: 17.52 mi.
Max. speed: 23.4 mph
Avg. speed: 12.7 mph
Time: 1:22:57
Temp: mid-90's
Calories: 663.7


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