April 23, 2006...Our new "baby"

As if we don't have enough other stuff going on with 4 kids in the house, we got a dog today! Total spur of the moment decision yesterday, and now we're shopping for lumber to fence our back yard so he has somewhere to play where he can't run off! I've been wanting a dog on and off for a while, and things just kind of fell into place. His former owners were unable to keep him due to health concerns, and it was really difficult for them to let him go, so we'll be doing our best to give him a happy home. Not that we wouldn't anyway!

Berkeley is a 10-month old chocolate Labradoodle (cross between a Labrador Retriever and a standard poodle. You don't see much poodle except for in his tousled hair. He's sweet and friendly as can be, and boy does he have a lot of energy! He may have met his match today, though, as all 3 of the older kids were dying to play with him. Hopefully they keep up the same interest level once the newness wears off. Our cat, sadly, is not as excited about our new friend as the kids are. Hopefully, time will lessen his anxiety.

So tomorrow, off I go to start on the last month of the school year with one more responsibility and a fence to push back the work on our basement even more. Oh, well, life certainly stays exciting!


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