6/16/06...Family fun but not much else

I've come to the conclusion that I can either be a decent mother or housekeeper but not both! OK, well, maybe I could be both if I could tear myself away from the computer. Misplaced priorities! We've had a nice couple of days, but my house is sure showing some neglect.

Yesterday was Nathan's 12th birthday. He's with his dad this week, but they had decided to go to Six Flags to celebrate and invited me along. Usually any "whole family" events are planned by his wife and/or myself, but this time it was actually my ex-husband's idea. Very nice. If you'd told me 6 years ago that we'd be getting along well enough to invited each other (and each other's new families) to family events, I'd never have believed it. Time heals a lot, as does happiness with my new life and the fact that his wife is wonderful!

Anyway, I didn't see that much of the older boys since they were off riding rides with their dad, but we had lunch together and I got to hang out with Kim and their little ones. They're right around Jacob's age, so it made for a nice little group. It was good for Jacob, too, because usually we spend most of our time following the older kids around and he doesn't get to do much, but yesterday I made a point of doing a bunch of things HE wanted to do. He's growing up so quickly...I'm glad I have these summers to spend with him.

Today after breakfast, Jacob and I took Berkeley to the dog park. I'm so pleased that our town has one. Until we have our fence built (which, between trying to figure out the town's crazy fence regulations and working on the basement too, might just be this side of never!), it's nice to have a place where we can let Berkeley off the leash so he can just run. He definitely needs it! After about 1/2 hour, we moved from the dog park to the playground. Jacob pretended to drive me to Six Flags (guess he had fun yesterday! ) and had fun on the slides. AND he was actually cooperative when it was time to come home!

We've finally started Berkeley in obedience class. I had to sacrifice Wednesday night volleyball, but hopefully it will be worth it. I really need some guidance in training him, because we want to be able to take him along when we camp, etc, without him acting like a maniac. The instructor seems very confident that we'll see marked improvement by the end of next Wednesday's class, so we'll see...I just want him to come when I call him! Wednesday night he got out because I had forgotten that our garage door was open and let him follow me into the garage...of course, he ended up tangling with two SKUNKS (when I saw them, he was on his own because I wasn't getting anywhere near them!). Luckily, he didn't get a direct hit, but he has smelled subtly skunky since then (as do our garage and stroller now, as well!), so tonight is bath night. Right now would be the perfect time, but I promised Jacob that I'd wait for him.

OK, well, with that said, I'm going to get going and try and tackle some of this mess!


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