may 8, 2006...Proud mom!

We just got back this evening from Daniel and Kelsea's spring concert. (That's him in the middle, holding his hat in front of him.) All I can say is "Wow!!" They have a wonderful chorus teacher. It's amazing what she gets those kids to do. Of course, she has a talented group, but still...the kids were really impressive.

Kelsea was in the concert choir portion of the program, and their songs were beautiful. Daniel did concert choir and show choir. Show choir both sings and performs. They had a couple of songs from "Wicked" (which I saw and loved, and I thought, though prejudiced, that the kids' performance wasn't that far off!), a song from "Phantom" (which terrified Jacob), one from "Rent", and quite a few other numbers. Daniel was part of the dance group for "It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing", and their dancing was great! He actually tried to teach Jeff and me the dance they did so that we could show off at the wedding, but we aren't real quick studies. It was all we could do to learn the jitterbug for our wedding...and then I couldn't do it anyway in that long dress!

The kids really put a lot of work into this performance, and it showed. Daniel had two days last week when he was at school for 14 hours between practice before school and after school. I'm glad that they could see such a great return on their effort. And that WE could be there to enjoy such a great show! I've seen several of the performances before when Daniel and Nathan were in band, but the choir performances are MUCH more interesting when it's your kid on the stage LOL.


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