6/18/06...Why you don't take movie advice from 12-year olds

One nice thing about having another girl around the house (even our dog and cat are male, plus a husband and three sons...I am SO outnumbered LOL...although that reminds me of when I was pregnant with Jacob...I really wanted him to be a boy so we could name him after my dad. Someone was surprised that I wouldn't want a girl to help even out the numbers, and I told her, "I don't think of it as being outnumbered, I think of myself as the queen of my house! ) is that she does give pretty good advice on clothes. At 12, she is FAR more in tune with what's in style than I am.

I trust her advice on clothes, but not on movies anymore! Not that it should come as any surprise that a 12 y.o. would have different taste in movies than someone who's 33...When the movie In Her Shoes (Toni Collette, Cameron Diaz, Shirley MacLaine) came out, Kels went to see it and wasn't impressed, so we never saw it at the theater. A week or so ago, though, my bargain-crazed husband came across the movie in a $3 DVD bin and, remembering that I had wanted to see it at one point, bought it. We picked it at random the other night (truly at random...he actually held 3 movies behind his back, mixed them up, and I picked top, middle, or bottom), and ...


What a great story! After it was over, I missed the characters. It was just the way I feel when I've read a book that I love. I had the best feeling at the end. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!

Now Jeff, on the other hand? He slept through the last half and thought it was somewhat slow. Of course, his idea of a good movie is Friday the 13th or Saw, so obviously we aren't that movie-compatible. (But what a good guy to try and watch it with me anyway! )


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