April 2, 2006

Got back today from our first camping trip of the season. Already planning the second for next weekend! Last year we camped 30 nights and would like to beat that record, but it will be a challenge since we don't have a 2-week trip to pad our numbers this year!

We had the BEST time! The weather was beautiful Friday and Saturday! I couldn't wait to leave work on Friday, felt like a little kid! Saturday we hung around and fished and relaxed...just wonderful. Kels took her friend Heidi, so they hung out together and kept each other busy. Definitely took the pressure off of us, which was a good thing because Jacob has definitely grown some willfulness!

We spent a lot of time fishing...or. rather, holding worms or Jeff's homemade bait in the water! Not many bites. In fact, only one bite on Saturday. The girls were troopers, though, and even Jacob hung in there for quite awhile. I was just fine with going up with him when he was finished with the fishing thing. He mostly wanted to reel in the line and stick his hands and feet (still in shoes! new shoes!) into the water, so it was a relief to get somewhere dry with him.

We weathered a heck of a storm early Sunday morning. Torrential rain, wind, thunder and lightening...glad we were in the pop-up instead of the tent!! Luckily, it had dried off pretty well by the time we were packed up (love that lake wind). We did more fishing down at the Carlyle Lake spillway, and finally the rest of us caught some fish! Heidi got one, I got two, and Kelsea got three (if you count the dead one she speared off the ground). She was also proud to have gotten her and Heidi's fish off of the hooks on her own. What a girl! You know, I was the one who got her to touch worms when she was little...didn't want her to be afraid to touch them, even if I won't.

How goofy is that...I have my little worm farm but won't touch the critters. I tried to get Jacob to pick them up for me, but he will only hold them if I put them into his hand, so I pick them up by looping them over sticks. If Nathan or Jeff are outside with me, they'll pick up my worms for me, so then it goes more quickly. But I digress...

We got back from our camping trip about 30 min. ahead of tornado warnings. Actually watched the wind slam the basketball hoop into our van. Wow! After getting Jacob and Kelsea to the basement, Jeff and I went outside to tip over then hoop lest it end up tossed through our garage door next. That sucker is HEAVY!! That was one strong wind!


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