Bike log 6/4/09

Wow, what a gorgeous day!! I couldn't have asked for a nicer day for a ride. Mid 70's, sunny, light breeze, honeysuckle all along the trails. Ahhhh!!

Distance: 20.406
Max speed: 21.7 (downhill)
Avg. speed: 12.6
Time: 1:36:59
Calories (my favorite detail): 762.0 (even if you factor in the 200 calories worth of Gatorade I drank, it's still a nice calorie burn.

I so didn't want to go for a ride today. I would have much preferred to sit home and relax, but knowing that my big ride is coming up in just 18 days was good motivation to get out. The first day is 30 miles longer than my longest so far (34 miles), and I haven't ridden since the weekend before our anniversary (mid May).

I'm definitely going through a motivational dry spell exercise-wise. It's very hit or miss during the school year because there's so much going on, but now that I have the time I don't have much desire. Yesterday I went to the gym despite having no desire to and felt great afterwards. Today I feel good after my ride. Let me remember that feeling when I don't want to go.

This relates so much to things I've been reading and hearing in church and in an Andy Stanley podcast series I've been listening to on marriage. We can't rely on our feelings but on what we know to be true. Keep walking out what you know to be true no matter how you feel. Don't keep off the treadmill (or whatever) because you feel tired. Once you're finished, you usually have more energy. Don't stop doing things for your husband because you feel bored. Living out and ACTING OUT your love will build it.

Oh, let me remember this. And even more (and here's where I generally fall short), let me apply it in my life.


  1. Hi Kate,

    It's Wendy Blight. Wanted to let you know that you won Micca's book!! Congratulations. I pray that your friend will receive much encouragement and hope from her book...and you as well.

    Can you send your address to me at

    Blessings to you,



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