May 26, 2006...Why I love my job

***Post from my old blog. It's so funny how true this still is. Every day I pass my old class as I'm returning from lunch and they're going to theirs, and every day I hear them whisper, "There's Mrs. G!" They call out to me and wave. I feel a little bit like a celebrity. :) And they see me every day. It's not like it's any special occasion that I'm there...and yet, it is to them. 6/3/09***

I got to spend some time today with my class from last year...well, the ones who are now 2nd graders and with another teacher. I was at our school carnival with Raphael, who is in my class now and is by far the most oppositional child I've ever met! He drove me crazy the first few weeks he was in my class...still does, but he completely has my heart. Somehow it's the real stinkers who stick with you.

I had most of my "old" class for both K and 1st grades. I see them in the hall every day, and I miss them so much. They were a really neat class. Even after a year, they come up and give me hugs all of the time. Justin actually came up at the school carnival and gave me a big hug. Then, they all wanted me to stay out there with them. Couldn't since I was heading in with my class, but it's really nice to be that loved a year after they were with me.

Most of them were annoyed with Raphael because every time I tried to get their picture he would jump in front of the camera -- which resulted in a big grin on his face. Now I know the trick for school pictures (during which it was like pulling teeth to coax a tiny smile out of him!)...I'll just try to take a picture of someone else!

I am usually exhausted at the end of the day, I never feel like I have enough time (although I think that's a universal thing; certainly not limited to teachers!), and it can get REALLY old dealing with behavior all day long and then at home, too, but I sure have a lot of love in my life, too. And to know you're making a difference, both at home and at work, to possibly change someone's life, is huge.

Of course, I'll have to reread this post many a time next school year, I'm sure, to remind me just why I work! Like when your kids are sleeping, it's a lot easier to think about how much you love your job when you have a break!


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