May 1, 2006

Happy birthday to my brother Matt, who turns 30 today!! Sigh, my younger brother.

Very little going on...that seems to be a theme of mine. The new dog is driving us crazy...definitely not a well-thought-out decision to get him. Tom swears that it'll get better, that his dogs were terrible for the first couple of weeks...hopefully he's right. I think that Jeff is leaning further towards calling the people we got him from and offering him back. We promised to offer him to them before any further change in "custody".

I don't know, we'll see. He's definitely a good exercise program, as I usually walk him twice a day. I can't get up early to do yoga, but he's a little more motivating. And the evening walk is a nice time for Jeff and I to talk...seems like there's never a chance to during the day!

Finished two books this week, neither all that great. One by James Patterson, whose books (the early Alex Cross ones, in particular) I used to really enjoy, and one by Mary Higgins Clark--Night Time is My Time, I think. I started one about Edgar Allen Poe, but that was a little more effort than my poor brain has to give at the end of the school year!

OK, I'm going because tonight is the night Jacob is in bed before 8:30. Time to wash up and read our two stories, unless he cons me into more (as usual! ). He's very into The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and it's the funniest thing to hear him "read" it to himself! Deep voice: "Who's trapping over my bridge?" High voice: "Oh, no, don't eat me!" Quite possibly the cutest 2 1/2 yr old ever to live...not that I'm a little prejudiced here!


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