May 19, 2006

We celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday, and it was low-key but nice. Jeff did MUCH better this time than he did for Mother's Day! We just went to dinner in town with the kids. Didn't want to go alone since we're going alone for the weekend and felt bad abandoning them repeatedly...especially since I was gone all night Wed. for a school board mtg. (ugh) and Tues. for the kids' awards assembly (terribly boring except for when they talked about my kids LOL). Anyway, a weekend camping with no kids or dog to take care of! Can't wait.

Took Berkeley over to my brother & SIL to meet their dogs. That was an experience! They have 2 big dogs, a greyhound (female) and a Lab (male). Berkeley (our male dog) spent the entire time trying (and occasionally succeeding) to mount their Lab. It was a little embarassing and pretty funny (he was quite determined and enthusiastic!), but I think it offended my brother's sensibilities that our dog kept trying to molest his! Hopefully, Berkeley will tone it down a little after being neutered! Otherwise, they had a great time chasing each other and playing. I think both "boys" were worn out by the time we went home. Crossing my fingers that this weekend goes OK with the dogs, or we'll be looking for a new place for B. to stay while we're in Florida!

Gotta go pack, but I'll make sure to post some pictures when we get back!


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