6/14/06...My garden

What a mess, huh?

Can anyone tell me why the plants we WANT we have to work so hard to cultivate and nurture, while the weeds and volunteers thrive with inattention? That monster plant you see to the right of the garden? Volunteer. I'm guessing it's a pumpkin plant. Jeff thinks watermelon, but I don't remember having watermelon last year. This is what happens when your compost doesn't get hot enough but you still dig it into your garden after a year or so, I guess. Speaking of compost, I have some monster potato plants sprouting in mine right now! Way better, as a matter of fact, than the ones we planted last year.

We kind of half-a** most things, and the garden is a good example. I shouldn't say "we"...it's me who does that. Jeff is good about taking the time to do things the right way. Me, not so much. In fact, the stakes you see marking the different plants in the garden may or may not have the correct vegetable on them because I just went ahead and planted everything thinking I'd remember what was there. And, of course, didn't remember where ANYTHING was, LOL!

I did manage to do more weeding this morning. Jacob has been wanting to have picnic breakfasts at his little picnic table, so we took our pop-tarts (breakfast of champions!) outside to eat. Then, we played together and tossed a ball to the dog for awhile to wear him out. After that, Jacob drove his little car around the yard (just one that you move with your feet, not one of the cool, battery-powered ones that I know he'd love but we haven't found cheap enough at a yard sale yet!) while I weeded the garden. After being gone for a week, I have a lot of catching up to do there!


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